Let Love Rule: Review by Davey Thompson

Let Love Rule

14 May, 2017 in Review

Uncle Archie Roach is regarded as a national treasure. His music has inspired, healed, and united people.  Let Love Rule is a beautifully written album that explores many deep facets of love and is Uncle Archie Roach’s newest addition to a string of incredible Australian music.

The performance began with a short film narrated by Uncle Jack Charles, which took us behind the scenes of the making of the album. The film really helped set the tone of the album and showed the emotional investment that Uncle Archie put into this work. It was a very intimate view into the writings and recordings of the songs we were about to hear, exposing the creative process to a very appreciative audience.

As Uncle Archie put his first foot on the stage with his band, the audience clapped and cheered enthusiastically. The smile on Uncle Archie’s face told me that we were in for a great night.

Uncle Archie Roach spent the night spinning yarns that made each song so personal and engaging. As he sang he took us along each emotional journey with him. He has this wonderful ability to make you feel the emotions within his songs. In person it can be an otherworldly experience.

A delightful selection of guest artists complimented Uncle Archie’s sound, delivering a concert above and beyond the ticket price. Emma Donovan made appearances on several songs, filling the room with her sexy, soulful sounds. The Dhungala Children’s choir filed onto stage and stood adorably before delivering their own breathtaking performance accompanied by  the band and Uncle Archie. Short Black Opera took the stage towards the end of the show and the entire room was filled with a spectacular arrangement of black voices. A special mention also needs to go to the band who played beautifully.

Not only did Uncle Archie share incredibly personal stories and moving renditions of his songs, there were lessons for us within the performance. During one of his yarns, Uncle Archie spoke about the future generations and his concern for the world that we’re leaving them. In that moment I could tell he had the absolute focus of the entire audience, because when he asked us to stop, it was as if the world around us stood still for a moment just to hear his words. “No more bleeding. No more crying.”

The evening ended with a thunderous, standing ovation. After a whirlwind adventure that touched so many facets of emotions, there were nothing but smiles all round as the audience filed out.

Love really did rule in that theatre.

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